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How Does an Australian Mortgage Work?

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Can Permanent Residents Buy Property in Australia?

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Australian Expats Guide to Buying Property in Australia in 2021

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5.0 stars from 42 Google Reviews

We would like to thank Martin and the team at Odin Mortgage, for their exceptional service. Martin’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry was impressive and truly appreciated. In the past, we have had experience with other banks and have found the process frustrating and tedious. Martin went above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs were met and that everything was handled thoroughly and efficiently.

Thank you once again, and I would definitely recommend your service to friends and family.

Meishana Bargh - Via Google

Martin and the Odin Mortgage team were very helpful in securing a mortgage for a property in Australia – the team were great to deal with and very responsive!

Phil Ma - Via Google

I would highly recommend Ben Wong and the team at Odin Mortgage for arranging your Australian mortgage from HK. Our application was complex and required a few changes in strategy to achieve the desired outcome. Ben was highly responsive and also problem solved as issues arose – his enthusiasm and customer service are terrific. Thanks Ben & Odin Mortgage

Fiona Smith Ng - Via Google

Spoke to a few expat mortgage brokers – nobody was better than Ben from Odin Mortgage. True experts.

Shu-Qing Zheng - Via Google

I highly recommend Odin Mortgage, I found them to have a wealth of knowledge and they always displayed professionalism throughout the whole property purchase process. Their online platform is very user-friendly and provides live updates throughout the process. They also made sure to keep me informed about what I needed to do throughout the process. The quality of service is second to none, all documents were ready for us to sign, including our I.D checks, which made the whole process stress free. We secured the best rates available, thanks to their in-depth market research and the bank relationships they’ve cultivated. We were kept in the loop at all stages throughout the process with both progress updates and estimated timings for next steps which was tremendously appreciated. They even helped us by crunching the numbers for us and always being super honest about our prospects. Ultimately, we were thrilled with the outcome , and we were able to purchase our desired first home.

Chris Monteiro - Via Google

I definitely say Ben and his team at Odin Mortgage is the best Mortgage brokers I have ever dealt with as an Expat.
They helped us re-finance an existing loan and assisted in helping us obtain a new loan for a new purchase.
Others advertise to be “experts” in expat mortgages but none have come close to having the knowledge and expertise as Odin Mortgage.
To Ben and the team,
Thank you so much for assisting us! we were getting the run around from banks and other Brokers who offered to help us, but none delivered like you guys! Thank you again!

Matthew Shehata - Via Google

My wife and I had a positive experience working with Odin Mortgage. We recently applied for a home loan and Ben was our mortgage broker. Ben was responsive, explained things very clearly to us and thorough in his work which made the process seamless. We would recommend Ben and Odin Mortgage again to friends and family for any mortgage assistance.
Thanks again Ben!

Yuhan Goh - Via Google

Great service received from Ben at Odin Mortgage. He was knowledgeable and professional, giving me suitable advice for my situation. Always was quick to respond as well when I had questions, which added a nice touch.

Jong - Via Google

Hi Ben, Joanna

Many thanks for all your help throughout the whole process. I really appreciate the advice and guidance provided during the whole process. So glad to have you and your team on my side with your experience and knowledge of bank policies to get the financing needed for my purchase. I only wish I had found Odin earlier! Don’t think we would’ve managed to get the right financing if it wasn’t for your help! Thank you once again.

nicholas chua - Via Google

Superb from start to finish. Always there to clarify questions and they literally walk you through the process hand in hand. Highly recommended. Ultra professional.

Joe Leithhead - Via Google

A phenomenal experience successfully securing a mortgage for an Australian property. Martin and his team went above and beyond in their research, flexibility, service, negotiation and communications on our behalf. We were bowled over and couldn’t rate them more highly.

Janine Manning - Via Google

Ben Wong was very professional and responsive. He was upfront, looked after my interests and delivered as anticipated.
Joanna was very efficient with all the administration matters.
Would definitely recommend Odin to others.

MS - Via Google

Martin and the Odin Mortgage team were very helpful in securing me a mortgage for a property in Australia. This was my first property purchase so had many questions. Nothing was too much trouble. The online platform is efficient and the team was excellent to deal with. Highly recommend their service!

Maggie Marsh - Via Google

Ben and his team are great to work with. Courteous, responsive and highly pragmatic approach to helping expats jump through the ever increasing number of hoops created by banks. Excellent portal for uploading documents.

Jeff M - Via Google

I was really impressed with my dealings with Martin and his company. Everything was really easy. Martin Listened to what I wanted and always confirmed exactly what I was after. I now have a lower rate with a better bank in Australia.

Grant Altoft - Via Google

I had a very positive experience with Odin Mortgage when looking to refinance my home loan earlier this year. Ben provided clear guidance throughout the refinancing process and helped settle me on a path that best suited my financial situation. I was very impressed with Ben’s professionalism and patience, and I would not hesitate to recommend Odin to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.

Brendan Tan - Via Google

Despite some hip-cups with the bank account set-up, Ben and his team finally helped me solve all the problems. Good service and professional.

Flora Kwok - Via Google

Amazing service and I had a great experience. Odin Mortgage is very professional and efficient. I have recently engaged the team to apply for a home loan. The team has immense patience and was answering all my questions in a timely manner. My settlement agent also had very positive feedback about the team. She commented that Odin Mortgage was a breeze to work with and I was very lucky that they were able to move things fast consider that the banks were swamp and many experienced brokers were struggling to get approvals from the banks. Thank you so much and would definitely recommend them.

Mel Cheng - Via Google

Martin of Odin Mortgage is easy to work, knowledgeable and professional. I am grateful for his hard work and assistance. I highly recommend Martin to anyone without reservation.

L Lee - Via Google

Martin was super helpful and responsive. It would have been a completely nightmare finding an Aussie mortgage in Hong Kong without his help.

Pang Matthew - Via Google

I have recently refinanced my loan with the help from Odin Mortgage. Service was effective and prompt. They kept me informed throughout the whole process and went the extra mile when I had issues. Would definitely recommend them to all friends and family.

Jay Goh - Via Google

Thanks Martin! Really appreciate your professional service, clear advice and follow through actions to make it happen in an efficient manner.

David Sein - Via Google

Working with the team at Odin has been a pleasure. There are a lot of expat-specific nuances when it comes to getting a mortgage in Australia, something a lot local brokers are fairly clueless about. Having refinanced with local brokers in the past and now recently with Odin, it is super clear that using a team who specialises in expat/foreigner mortgages makes a world of difference.

They do everything they can to make the process as easy and painless as possible! Highly recommend!

Steven - Via Google

I approached Martin and the team at Odin Mortgage looking to secure my second Australian property. The team at Odin Mortgage were super helpful and professional and very knowledgeable and I highly recommend them without hesitation.

Peter Broome - Via Google

I highly recommend Odin!
They are friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and make the whole process so much easier.
My situation was quite complicated but they were able to find a lender that suited my needs and were able to help me to understand what was needed ahead of time.

Chloe Rimington - Via Google

I found Odin Mortage via internet as I have to obtained a finance in Hong Kong . The level of service was above and beyond expectation.

Thanks to Martin and Ben offering prompt responses to calls/text messages/emails and addressing needs and concerns thoroughly , the whole process has run very smoothly and I have successfully obtained an offer within short period of time. Everything has handled professionally. I highly recommend Odin Mortgage .

E Lee - Via Google

Thanks for the exceptional customer service and great understanding with bank lending policy. We would have been in deep trouble, if we did not approach Odin. They have been prospecting around the market and found a lender has policies to suit our needs with tight turn round time. and most importantly, “Settled the loan before the deadline.” Really appreciated.

Adam Cheng - Via Google

I recently refinanced my Aussie mortgage through Odin Mortgage. They got me the best deal on the market and made the whole process very easy and seamless from start to end. They’re also extremely familiar with and experienced in helping Aussie expats living in HK with their Aussie mortgages, which really makes a huge difference. Excellent and professional service, cannot recommend them more!

Nana Lin - Via Google

The services provided by the team at Odin was professional and smooth. They provided tailored guidance along the way and made the whole financing experience easy. Plus they were able to identify the best product available on the market for me.

Zhijun Xu - Via Google

Just refinanced my Australia mortgage with the guys from Odin in HK completely hassle free. Very prfessional and knowledgeable with the market and helped us secure an amazing rate. Would definitely recommend!

Apt Valet - Via Google

Brilliant service for my Australian Property Investment. Martin pulled through as we were closing in on the settlement date. Highly recommend their service for aussie mortgages.

Chris Wang - Via Google

Good recommendations and execution on my Aussie home loan. Made it straightforward easy for an expat like myself. Would highly recommend to others.

Brendon Yang - Via Google

Highly recommend Odin Mortgage. They are friendly, efficient, organised and happy to answer any questions you may have!

Lin Chai - Via Google

Professional and responsive. Good service

Mark Q - Via Google

Nobody could help with my mortgage except these guys. Definitely the best Aussie expat brokers in Hong Kong. Thanks boys!

Steven Z - Via Google

Settled my first mortgage with Odin Mortgage! Very glad I found you guys when I did 🙂

C - Via Google

My broker in Australia was good but since I moved to Hong Kong, Odin Mortgage really knocked it out of the park for expats.

Milo Xing - Via Google

Super responsive and sends updates frequently, made the job easy!

Kristy Lau - Via Google

Great Service for my Australian Mortgage

Sheng Qiang Hu - Via Google

Thanks Gareth for your 5 star review!

Gareth Van Kets - Via Google

Convenient location, very good, great room

toby cheung - Via Google